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        1. 科瑪閥門有限公司

          生產概況 PRODUCTION


          Kema valve has high precision CNC machine tools and machining center,advanced equipment and testing instruments,sophisticated technology and strict and perfect quality management system,and gathered with professional and technical elite and leading the team of science and technology,make full use of new technologies,new processes,new materials to ensure the stability of products and reliability. Kema product quality comes from advanced means, quality consciousness comes from innovation.


          We hnow well what is means by the equipment to the development of our company.For many years we left no effort to upgrade and develop the softwre and hardware of our facilities.We not only import various type advanced equlipment and production technology, but also develop the specialized facilities.Automatic contiuious production line has been established and the production system has been steatly improved.We have become more specialized and profound.

          主要產品有球閥、蝶閥、止回閥。閥門壓力:1.0-32.0Mpa規格:球閥DN15-DN1600,蝶閥DN50-3500。閥門材質有:鑄鐵、鋁合金、不銹鋼、鑄鋼、碳鋼、A105、304、304L、316、316L等特種材質。驅動方式可采用手動、液動、電動、氣動、齒輪傳動等裝置。連接方式:法蘭、焊接、絲口、對夾。標準:GB、HB 、JB國標、API美標、JIS日標、DIN德標。

          The main products are ball valve,check valve.the valve pressure:10-32.0mpa,butterfly valve 6-10mpa.specifications:ball valve DN15-1600, BUTTERFLY VALVE dn50-3500. The valve material:cast iron,aluminum,stainless steel,cast steel,carbon steel, A105,304,304L,304,316L, and other special materials.Drive mode can use manual,electric,pneumatic,hydraulic,and gear transmission device.Connection:flange,welding,silk mouth, the clip. Standard:GB,HB,JB,API, JIS ,DIN.

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          地址:溫州市永嘉縣甌北鎮安豐工業區科瑪工業園 電話:0577-67319938 傳真:0577-67319938 郵箱:km@www.sumutinfo.com